Who is Dennis?

It all started with a hot pink blow-up couch. Not sure if you remember the kind, but they were all the rave in the late nineties. And boy, did I want one.

When I think back, this is the first gift I received that REALLY got me excited. It’s also one of my earliest memories of my Dad going above and beyond for his family and friends — something I later came to recognize as his signature trait. 

During a brief work trip to New York (from Melbourne, Australia), he scoured the city in search of the blow-up couch of my dreams knowing how happy it would make his eight year-old daughter.

Dennis is my Dad

Dennis is my Dad. He embodies everything I know about generosity, celebration, and connection. He lives his values passionately, where family always comes first, and friends are the family that we choose. He is always one to encourage you to ‘just do it! — the vacation, the party, the extra special gift — because building memories is priceless and the time to celebrate is now. 

Growing up, I took for granted that his outlook was the norm. As if all Dads bought their Mums flowers every Friday ‘just because’. But turns out, he’s really someone special. 

So that is why Dennis, my Dad, is my inspiration to spread the love. He was the catalyst for the creation of this platform and community designed to empower others to give, connect, and celebrate — just like Dennis.

— Talya, Founder.

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