Founder's Letter

Here is my secret: giving is not altruistic.

When we give someone a gift, we have as much to gain as the person receiving the gift. That’s what makes the interaction so beautiful; it’s a moment of connection, care, and kindness that both people share.

I learned about the beauty of gifting early in life. I watched my dad buy my mum and I flowers every Friday, and watched him surprise all our young cousins with little chocolates or toys, wherever we were. The gifts were for us, but the love and joy that they spread, and the memories they helped to create, made my dad the happiest.

These experiences shaped me and set in motion my own gifting habits. Growing up, I would look forward to writing long and detailed birthday cards to my friends, filled with photos and personal jokes. I became accustomed to picking up on the favorite foods of coworkers, so that I could surprise them when they were having a bad day. And I quickly developed a reputation for organizing some great and memorable birthday gifts for friends or partners. People would reach out to me asking for advice on what to get their boyfriend for Christmas, or their Mum for her birthday, or their wife for
their anniversary.

And so began the journey that led me here, to launching Dennis (named aptly after my Dad). I want to empower you to give thoughtfully to the people who you care about. Gift giving is not a task or chore that pops up a few times a year, but rather an opportunity to connect with those around you and spread a little joy. Dennis exists to make that easier to do, by helping you remember important dates ahead of time with Timely Taps (a tool I created because I need its help too!), and by inspiring you with unique and quality products that can thoughtfully answer the question we all struggle with:
what do I get?’

We have all learnt the importance of self-care. We know how nourishing it is to take some time for ourselves, put on a face mask, or pour ourselves a bath (and/or a glass of wine). But somewhere in that routine, I want to suggest giving a little token of love to someone that you love — try it out, and see how good you feel.

Welcome to the Dennis Community. Together we can build something truly moving.

Talya Benjamin
Founder, Dennis